Portraits and special moments captured in mixed media
Live Portraits from Favourite Photograph


Live Portraits under Clive Hemsley is now offering an individual Portrait service to capture those magic moments using just photographs Although Clive ideally would like at least 2 sittings in Henley-on-Thames. But certainly understands that's not always possible but definitely needs to talk through all the possibilities and what your after before taking on any commission.

Clive will use mix media to make a drawing come alive from chalk, pastel, acrylics, oils air brushing or a mixture of all I even use ladies make up on the final artwork to make the subject completely realistic.
Clive will capture that magic moment on a superb stretched canvas, that will last a life time.

Frame it with love...
Each piece of artwork once completed is carefully sprayed with satin varnish and put into a frame (which we designed) we actually float the picture and typically use solid 3 inch wood (stained dark oak) this lifts the picture and is a natural surrounding for the colours textures and composition which we are proud to present to you.